Dangerous website

Your visit has crossed the site, the site for the dangerous site, please immediately withdraw from the site, otherwise, the site will be distributed after 30S virus intrusion into your computer, resulting in the loss of self-

Web virus is the use of web pages to destroy the virus, it uses some SCRIPT language prepared by some malicious code using browser vulnerabilities to achieve virus implantation. When the user logs on some sites that contain the web virus, the web virus will be quietly activated, the virus once activated, you can use some of the resources of the system to destroy. Ranging from modifying the user's registry, so that the user's home page, the browser title changes, while the system can turn off a lot of features, loaded Trojans, infected with the virus, so that users can not use the computer system, The system is formatted. And this web virus is easy to write and modify, so that users are hard to detect